Multiple email accounts in Outlook mobile

We strongly recommend using the Outlook app for accessing your college email on the go. For contacting colleagues, fellow students, and teachers, it’s much more convenient to use a device you already carry, than to sit down at a desktop or laptop and check for new email manually.

You may already have Outlook set up for another email account, this isn’t a problem though, as Outlook supports many email accounts simultaneously. You may have an account set up at another organisation, or a private account at Hotmail/, Gmail, or many others.

If you don’t have an account set up in Outlook mobile already, you will be prompted to add an account when you open the app. If you do have an account set up already, simply tap the account at the top left and tap the settings icon as shown here.

Tap the account icon, as shown in red here.
Open the Outlook settings by tapping here.

Once you have the settings open, tap the ‘add mail account’ option and enter your email address (or user name if it’s different) followed by your account password. You may see a sliding panel open up at the bottom of your screen with some additional options for shared mailboxes, just tap the ‘add email account’ option unless you’re sure the other option is what you want.

Add mail account, Add an email account.

Once your account has been added, you can switch between multiple accounts from the inbox view. There’s also a ‘home’ view where all inboxes are viewed together for quick access. These are only view options, emails are still stored in their respected mailboxes and can be viewed separately.

Switching between accounts.

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