Remote access with VPN

Remote Apps and Columbus are now behind a VPN. For heavy users of this service, there’s just one or two extra steps to make before connecting. For those of you that don’t make regular use of Remote Apps or Columbus, nothing has changed, you will only need to use the new VPN service to access Columbus and Remote Apps.

Instructions for general use.

Direct your browser to the cloud site for your campus:

Here you will find useful links to access resources for your school/college. Microsoft cloud apps, your staff and student homepages, IT helpdesk, and site-specific links to website and social media.

Instructions for remote access using the VPNs.

On the cloud pages, there are new VPN buttons, replacing Remote Apps and Columbus. These links will take you a page where you can download a VPN app for your device.

Option 1 for Windows, option 2 for Mac, option 3 for mobile devices.

With this app installed, you can connect to your site’s VPN using the address suitable to you:

  • Prior Pursglove                 –    
  • Stockton SFC                      –    
  • Errington Primary             –    
  • Bishopton PRU                  –    

Your username and password are exactly what you use at a school/college PC.

VPN connection to PPC

Once connected you can access the new resources page which contains links to Remote Apps and Columbus.           – this will only work while you are connected to the VPN for your site.

You only need to install the VPN app one time. For future use, you can open the app and click the connect button and visit the resources web page directly.

Once you’re set up for the VPN, you can choose for the app to open and connect each time your device starts, the best option is to leave it off while you’re not using it, so don’t set it to automatically reconnect. In the future, some other services may be moved behind the VPN, but at the moment, we’ve made the changes that are required to keep ahead of any security concerns.

Simply go to your VPN settings, once configured, and hit connect. Start using Remote Apps or Columbus via the resources page or your dedicated app as desired, then go back and disconnect the VPN when you’re finished.

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