College email on mobile devices

The best way to access your college email on your smartphone or tablet device is to use the Outlook app. This is freely available from the Android and Apple stores and is the best and easiest way to access your email on mobile. Using this app will also keep your college email away from your personal email, making it easier to locate messages from your teachers.

An app is always going to perform better than a mobile web page, especially on a mobile device, where screens are simply too small to fit desktop size pages. Other Microsoft 365 apps that we recommend you install on your device are Teams, OneDrive, Word, Excel and OneNote. These could be placed in a College folder on your device for easy access.

The Outlook app icon

Once you have the app installed, open it and simply enter your college email address and password. You will see the usual Tees Valley Collaborative authentication page during this process.

When you’ve completed this simple setup, you will get regular notifications when new emails arrive, you won’t have to manually check using the web site, and you will also be able to check your college calendar for upcoming Teams classes. The app can also link up to the other previously mentioned Microsoft 365 apps that you can install from the app store on your device.

If you require any help in setting up your email on your mobile device, please get in touch with the IT support team.

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