Setting up Microsoft MFA

The trust is implementing multi-factor authentication for some accounts that we host at What this means for you: In this guide you will take these steps: Step by step guide: Complete this part on your desktop or laptop Complete this part on your smartphone or tablet Once you’re fully configured, you will receive occasional […]

Remote access with VPN

Remote Apps and Columbus are now behind a VPN. For heavy users of this service, there’s just one or two extra steps to make before connecting. For those of you that don’t make regular use of Remote Apps or Columbus, nothing has changed, you will only need to use the new VPN service to access […]

Teams meeting options.

When you are hosting a meeting, there are several options available that you may wish to take use of. Across the top of the meeting window, you will see toggles to show the attendees list or chat pane, the option to raise your hand, the breakout room controls and the more options button, signified by […]

Connecting to the Wi-Fi networks

These instructions are to connect your portable device to your campus wireless network. The Guest networks are for pre-assigned visitor access, your wireless network will have a name matching your campus name. Windows 10 Select your school or college Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks. Enter in your username in the Identity field […]